Why yoga

Are you looking for stillness and craving some breathing space?

Lost the balance and searching for your center?

Looking to regain focus, calmness and energy?

Do you spend the whole day sitting at a desk and ache for stretching the body and the mind?

Or maybe you just love your Down Dog and cannot get enough of it?

You’ve come to the right place.

Release Rejuvenate Reconnect


I really enjoyed the class and thought there was a good mix of stretching, posture moves and relaxation. – Janice – workplace yoga student

Good mix of stretching, posture and relaxation

Olimpa is a great teacher. I can feel my body stronger and more flexible since I started her class just a couple of months ago. I enjoy her class because she makes us practice different kind of positions that strengthen our bodies and calm our busy minds. She always makes sure that we are doing it right adjusting each of us. I’d recommend Olimpia to anyone who never tried yoga. Her class is a very good introduction to it. – Chloe

I’d recommend Olimpia to anyone who never tried yoga