What is yoga

oluwakemi-solaja-350272-unsplash-1Yoga is a bridge between opposing forces: inner and outer, body and mind, matter and consciousness which gracefully coexist without friction.

Yoga enhances my experience of connection to the present moment.
The busy mind prevents me from experiencing life as it is happening right in front of me.
Yoga is a constant reminder that being here and now is the only moment guaranteed to me. It creates space to breath (sometimes in literal sense), and helps me to notice the world around me.
It is a conscious connection to the daily experiences of life no matter how simple or mundane.

Yoga is about finding my center.
My happiness and self-care are important, and it’s my duty to take time out for myself and cater to my needs.

Yoga means appreciating the world for the beauty it holds. Right now.
Without wishing I was somewhere else. Appreciating small things in life, and things I take for granted. It is a reminder of how lucky I am.

Yoga unfolds my potential.
It teaches me to trust myself and to listen to my intuition. I’m the only one who knows the limitations of my body and immense forces that drive me. On and off the mat.

Yoga means finding my voice.
It is a connection to the creative part of me that is not always beautiful, but I’m ready to release it into the world without the need to be perfect. It is what is it. And it is what it’s supposed to be at that moment.

Yoga brings clarity.
It declutters my mind and helps me to feel at peace.

Yoga increases awareness.
It challenges me and helps to overcome resistance in difficult situations. The barrier my mind creates in order to protect itself.

I’m grateful for what yoga keeps bringing into my life. For focus, calmness, energy, strength and happiness. It helps me to breath and flow through life. It gives me moments of bliss.


Photo credit: Unsplash

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