About Olimpia

About Olimpia


My name is Olimpia, the founder of OliMar Yoga.

My first yoga experience was a corporate class in a canteen, where I found myself in tight pants awkwardly balancing between chairs, tables and my colleagues. Despite sore muscles my mind was energised and my body rejuvenated. Through a regular practice yoga helped me to release stress and manage anxiety. It guided me through difficult life experiences and was my anchor that reconnected me to the present moment and to what truly mattered to me.

After practising yoga for several years I completed my RYT200 training in Vinyasa style under the guidance of Corrie McCallum at Yoga London. I strongly believe that in order to be a good teacher, you have to continue being a student. I am currently working towards my 500hr certification with guidance and inspiration from Francesca Sanlorenzo.

I am passionate about sharing the experience of yoga, and I encourage my students to engage with curiosity and playfulness to enable them to explore yoga for themselves. My philosophy is that yoga is for everyone and we are all unique, and have different strengths.

During the classes we are moving through a creative flow – exploring, breathing and bringing mindfulness to poses and transitions. Finding stillness and balance. Allowing ourselves to be exactly where we are.

By linking poses (asanas) with the breath (pranayama) we crate space of gentle awareness (meditation). We let go of judgments and expectations, and expand our abilities to reach our potential. I invite you to create that space with me through the practice of yoga.

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