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Pranayama – take a deep breath (part 1)

Sanskrit word prana has a number of interpretations in English and is often translated as "energy" or "life force". In yogic philosophy prana refers to the life force present in all living organism and inanimate objects. The word yama means control therefore pranayama is often referred to as breath control. However, the second root of… Continue reading Pranayama – take a deep breath (part 1)

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Mountain Pose – build a strong foundation

Our posture influences our mood and our breath. When we stand at the top of the mat in Mountain pose (Tadasana in Sanskrit), rooting down through the feet, we have the opportunity to notice our posture and our postural habits built over the years. Noticing is the first step and helps us built new habits… Continue reading Mountain Pose – build a strong foundation


The art of being assertive

Assertiveness is a skill which demonstrates healthy confidence. Voicing your opinions requires clear communication and recognising the rights of the other person. It is not simply getting what you want at an expense of others. Assertive people directly express their wants, preferences and needs in a considerate manner without being rude. They set clear boundaries… Continue reading The art of being assertive

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Tree Pose – practice of Satya

Tree practice teaches us awareness, patience and acceptance. Awareness of our body, patience while we work with limitations of our body and acceptance of those limitations. It gives us opportunity to practice Satya (Truthfulness), one of Yamas (ethical standards for proper conduct) of Eight Limbs of Yoga. We are invited to find our own alignment… Continue reading Tree Pose – practice of Satya

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Chair Pose – the seat of power

Chair pose builds strength, brings stamina to the body and determination to the mind. Sitting in a chair is easy and comfortable, but sitting in an imaginary chair requires fortitude and perseverance. Patanjali's Yoga Sutras teaches us to find comfort and ease with every pose. Chair pose also invites us to find power. It requires… Continue reading Chair Pose – the seat of power